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Je suis membre de la Fédération des auteurs de la Colombie-Britannique. Voici ci-dessous la page d'accueil de leur site internet (en anglais).

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SUMMARY - MYSTERY VALLEY (book published in 2016)

A captivating tale of love and legend, Mystery Valley brings to life a late nineteenth century First Nations community near Harrison Hot Springs, BC. At a time of early contact with Europeans, Luyana, an elder of the Chehalis nation, finds an abandoned sasquatch infant on the banks of the Harrison River. Sheltering the creature, Luyana secretly raises it until she can no longer hide its presence from the community, who eventually welcome him as a brother. When intruders arrive in search of a trophy sasquatch, the Chehalis unite to protect the creatures who live deep in the hills in a place they call Mystery Valley. These hunters also threaten the way of life of a peaceful people living in harmony with nature. A first novel of myth and imagination based on extensive research into First Nations culture, Mystery Valley takes the reader on an intriguing journey of romance and revelation.

Originally from France, Nicole Dargère has lived in British Columbia for over thirty years where she has written several successful plays and musical comedies for children. Mystery Valley, her first novel, reflects the author's fascination with the landscape, legends and First Nations culture of B.C.


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      I have over 30 years of experience as a successful businesswoman having worked as an administrator, marketer, entrepreneur, manager and translator. My forte has been to provide high-quality products and services in a timely and efficient manner. I am a solution-oriented professional with proven decision-making skills and a penchant for details and continual excellence in all endeavours. Recently, I embarked on a writing career which resulted in the publishing of my first novel in mid-2012. My writing style stems from a keen imagination and is characterized by vivid descriptions, rich characters and detailed observations.


      Since 2005, I have written six French-language plays and musical comedies targeted for children. Additionally, I have provided the costumes, make-up, props and set decor for the staging of the plays. All six plays were successfully performed by children in France.

      In late 2009, I began writing a fictional French novel about the aboriginal people living on the banks of the Harrison River in British Columbia at the end of the 19th century. Within my story, I integrated the legendary Sasquatch ? a mysterious creature which has been reportedly sighted around Harrison Hot Springs. After almost three years of extensive research and writing, my book was published in 2012 with the title :

Mystery Valley or The Secret of the River People  

     To date, the highlights of my book writing career include the following:

  • Published by Les Éditions L'Harmattan in Paris, France in July 2012;
  • Featured in several book-related interviews:
  • Promotional L'Harmattan video in Paris, France (August 2012)*
  • Radio interview by CBC/Radio-Canada in Vancouver (November 2012)*
  • Web interview by Radio-Canada International (March 2013)*
  • Television interview by CBC/Radio-Canada filmed in Langley (April 2013)*
  • Conducted a literary meeting at L?Alliance Française in Vancouver (June 2013)*
  • Held a townhall 'Rencontre littéraire' in France (August 2013)*
  • Created a website for my first novel:
    (* audio-visual clips of all interviews/meetings can be found on website)
  • Held a book-related interview with Radio-Canada in Vancouver (November 14, 2014)*
  • * All interviews are available on my website.



        Mystery Valley or Le Secret of the River People is a captivating tale of love, legend and reconciliation set in the late nineteenth century amidst a close-knit First Nations community in south-western British Columbia. Luyana, the matriarch of the tribe discovers a baby sasquatch abandoned in the tall grasses on the banks of the Harrison River. Luyana becomes the creature?s secret guardian and teacher.

        As the story unfolds, Luyana reveals her protégé to the members of her tribe who welcome him as their brother. Intruders from afar threaten to destroy the legendary creature?s relatives in Mystery Valley and shatter the orderly ways of a peaceful people living in harmony with nature. Mystery Valley takes you along a mysterious journey filled with discovery, enlightenment and revelation.
        The author's novel reflects her enchantment with the supernatural beauty of British Columbia and her fascination with aboriginal culture and native art. She is a keen observer of her surroundings and displays an acute sensory appreciation of nature, vividly portrayed in this novel.
        The author
        Nicole Dargère, originally from France has lived in British Columbia for over thirty years. She has written several successful plays and musical comedies for children.Mystery Valley, her first novel, is the result of almost three years of extensive research and writing.


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