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I have been working as a translator for many years, and this is what I do:

Qualified Translator

I am a native French speaker with over 20 years of translating experience. I provide professional translation services for English > French and French > English.

I specialize in English-to-French localization whereby products/services are adapted to meet the language, cultural and social requirements of target markets whether they are in Québec or other offshore locations. 

In addition to my language skills, I have an in-depth understanding of both the North American and European cultures. 

I have translated for many years and have been working in Canada since 1975. Being comfortable in both English and French, I deliver a translation that reads like an original.  And above all, I am committed to meeting my client’s deadlines!

My customers are guaranteed:

* High-quality translation texts that fully convey the meaning and intent of your source documents; the finished text will read as if it was originally written in the French language

* Effective localization for French-speaking markets

* Precise translation of technical terms such that “nothing is lost in the translation”

* Competent translation without any guesswork

* Firm and competitive prices

* Timely delivery of services such that your deadlines are met

* Editing and proof-reading of documents

* Media support e.g. voice-overs


  • Business & Commerce (e.g. business correspondence, presentations, press release, financial documents, etc.)
  • Advertising & Marketing (promotional material)
  • Online Help topics 
  • Manuals, Handbooks, Publications, Minutes, Warranties
  • Technical brochures, Surveys, Magazines
  • Legal documents
  • Media (includes voice-overs, subtitles) transcription of video or tapes
  • Translation of websites

Please note: I provide both corporate and personal services

Prices and Payment

My translations are priced on the basis of the source word count. Please make your texts available in electronic formats (e.g., word) that allow for automated word counts. The cost of translation depends on the subject matter, the complexity of the text and the length of the document. The cost includes translation, editing, proofreading and basic formatting. The finished product is delivered on a “Word” format file. A free quote will be provided. I welcome all types of projects, small and large.

Translation rates:
Starting at CAN $ 0.20 per word

or US $ 0.17 per word and Euro € 0.14 per word 

Minimum fee:
Can $ 30.00 – US $ 25.00 – Euro € 22.00 
(applies to anything below 150 words)

Voiceover/coaching/cultural consultation:
CAN $ 60.00 per hour / three hours minimum

CAN $ 40.00 per hour

(Canadian clients are also subject to 5% GST)

Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. A monthly 2% late-payment charge applies. For larger projects and first-time clients, a deposit of 25% of the expected overall amount may be required prior to delivery of the finished translation.

I accept the following currencies: US $, CAN $.  Payment can be made by cheque, or via electronic e-mail or Paypal.

Contact Information

E-Mail: [email protected]

Telephone: (604) 534-6224

By regular mail or courier:

Nicole Dargère

20731 46A Avenue

Langley, B.C. V3A 3K1


In 2003, I received the Business Award “Entrepreneur of the Year”